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Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay


Robinia Playgrounds by Ecoplay are designed to offer your children an organic play area that allows the maximal development of all their skills.

Robinia Playgrounds 1-4 years


Robinia Playgrounds for children from 1 to 4 years of age

Robinia playground equipment


Robinia playground equipment is especially strong, stable, durable and attractive.

The mission of Robinia Sport Line is to offer to the children the maximum of the motion and exploration experience.

The benefits of the robinia playground equipment that promotes sport are the development of movement, functional abilities and skills, emotional development, cognitive development, personal development as well as social and moral development.

With our Robinia Sport line we wanted to offer the children the amusement that once nature gave to their ancestors.

Robinia playground


From a revolutionary concept...

We are presenting to you our own revolution in the conception and production of Robinia playground equipment. We imagined an organic robinia playground in the city centre. So we developed the Robinia Urban line as a way to make this possible. The shape difference between the naturally curved posts and the completely straight boards creates a pleasant symphony that is very attractive in the modern urban environment.

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